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Kostenlos anmelden Kennenlernen meaning in english Many translated example sentences containing "Kennenlernen" — English- Kennenlernen meaning in english dictionary and search engine for English translations. The guest houses make it possible to promote international exchange and ensure optimal cooperation among excellent scientists from all over the world.

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See how foreign-language expressions are used in real life. It executes greeting events for newcomers and arranges student tutors by request, who lend a helping hand during the first time period.

The questionnaire recorded biographical data such as place of birth and residence, information on family members, education as well as persecution and wartime experiences.

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For the past thirty years, the Robert Bosch Stiftung kennenlernen meaning in english brought the Bosch Fellows to Germany — young, future American leaders who are invited by the Foundation to spend nine months working in business, politics, media, and other social institutions. The journey through the linguistic landscape and cityscape of Graz in the context of Lange Nacht der Sprachen was an opportunity for the population of Graz to discover and get to know the city's cultural and linguistic diversity.

Guided tours can be taken on bicycles, on mopeds, and on foot — and the next innovative tour idea is no doubt just around the corner.


Torsion Member Missouri. Wie schön ist es doch, dass alle Schriftsteller ihre Geschichten aufschreiben können, damit Kinder, die sie nie persönlich kennenlernen werden, sie trotzdem hören und sich auf ihre ganz eigene Art in sie hineinversetzen können.